Independent Solicitors Certificates

- Do you intend standing as a guarantor for another person’s loan?
- Does your bank or other financial institution require you to get legal advice?
- Do you need a solicitor to provide a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice?
- Do you need a quick and efficient service?

If your answer is YES - WE CAN ASSIST YOU!!!!

Why do I need a certificate of Independent Legal Advice?

As a borrower and/or guarantor, you will often be required by your bank or financial institution to obtain independent legal advice before you sign a guarantee or mortgage document. The purpose of obtaining legal advice is to ensure that you understand the nature and effect of the documents you are required to sign. This is important because, going guarantor for another person’s loan carries high risks. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the bank or financial institution will demand money from you as the guarantor. You may be at risk of losing your property or other valuable asset. An Independent Solicitor’s Certificate is a document confirming that you have been advised of the effect and implications of the guarantee. It gives the bank or other financial institution assurance, that you are making a free and informed decision.

How can we help?

Ballpen Legal will meet with you to explain the effect and nature of documents including:

• The Guarantee and Indemnity;
• The mortgage document;
• Other ancillary documents.

Once we are satisfied that you fully understand the documents and risks associated, and you are happy to proceed, we will witness your signature on all relevant documents and we will provide you with an Independent Solicitor’s Certificate on the spot.